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Simone Abrahams

Medical Intuitive
Intuitive Healing

Simone Abrahams has extraordinary intuitive abilities that she combines with a holistic counselling approach to create a therapeutic healing environment.
Her highly attuned sensitivity gives her a psychic awareness about her client’s problem and how to assist them to change it allowing for more ease for the client.
She is able to sense what blocks and core issue/s are limiting and preventing her client from achieving well-being and happiness and uses energy healing to clear the block/s transforming their lives from merely surviving to thriving.

She can help with all issues including stress, anxiety, general unhappiness, depression, PTSD, trauma, abuse, grief, suicidal thoughts, self-harming, loss of direction, all children’s concerns, all teenage concerns, past life healing and more.

Simone is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and draws on tools that are different and really work to help her clients release stored thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, patterns and limitations stuck in the body and energy of the person. She has helped many clients to change various aspects of their life & body including health, finances, relationships and much more.