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Skin Tag Removal Brisbane Northside

A lot of patients are interested in the cosmetic removal of moles or skin tags, in particular if they are located on one side of the face or visible areas of skin.  Many moles are cosmetically unacceptable and a nuisance.  The worry of a permanent scar being left is often a barrier stopping people from making an appointment.  At Ubuntu Medical, our expertly trained GPs take this worry away.  Ubuntu’s cosmetic mole and skin tag removal is a simple, no stiches procedure to remove unsightly moles and skin tags fast.

Moles, skin tags and other such skin defects are very common on the face and body.  In most cases removing the moles is a simple and virtually painless experience.  Moles on the face and neck respond best to removal.  Your GP will do a full skin cancer and melanoma check to make sure they are no cancerous spots or moles.

Growths treated include moles, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratosis , senile warts and other raised lesions.  We remove moles from face, armpits, breasts and neck.


Why Choose Ubuntu Medical Brisbane Northside?


  • Minimal discomfort
  • Multiple moles can be removed
  • Minimises bleeding
  • No time off work
  • Walk in, walk out
  • Can target neck, chest and hands
  • Can be carried out with a local anaesthetic
  • Only one treatment is required
  • Treatment covered by Medicare


At Ubuntu Medical, we recommend that you cover the targeted skin area with lotion, sunscreen or a bandage.  When you do choose to go outside, make sure that you are adequately protected from the sun.  It is also recommended that you keep the treated area clean to avoid infection.  Healing time should take 7 to 10 days assuming it is left to heal naturally.  There may be a slight colour difference in comparison to surrounding skin but this will fade over time.