Acne Treatment Brisbane

Acne is a major medical problem affecting thousands of people in Brisbane every year.  Most people choose to suffer in silence for years, waiting for the human body to slowly correct itself.  Or alternatively, people choose to consult a dermatologist to go on aggressive anti-acne drugs that often have major side effects.  At Ubuntu Medical, we offer “natural” Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels for people suffering from Acne and Acne scarring.


What is Acne?

Acne is caused by a hormone imbalance in the body which causes problems in sebaceous glands which secrete an oily substance (sebum).  When these glands get blocked this sebum accumulates and ultimately gets blocked in the skin pores.  This skin bacteria can result in blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and even large cysts.


What Causes Acne?

A lot of people wrongly believe that things such as diet, exercise, stress, pollution are what cause acne.  While they can definitely make it worse, they definitely are not the underlying mechanisms.  Ultimately the 2 major factors are genetics and hormones.

Genetics will determine how likely your body is to have blocked pores that ultimately cause acne.  Your hormones will determine how much oil your body is likely to produce.  Hormones will generally fluctuate the most during adolescence and this is why most people suffer from acne during these years.

Please note that if left untreated Acne can cause permanent scars that can be difficult to remove.


Microdermabrasion And Acne

At Ubuntu Medical we offer Microdermabrasion as a way of treating acne and acne scarring.  Our practice nurse uses a microdermabrasion machine which gently cuts and polishes acne and acne scarring and removes any loose skin cells (e.g., face)The procedure typically takes 20-60 minutes to complete.  We generally suggest that you have 3-6 treatments for optimal results, with 1-2 months between treatments


Chemical Peels and Acne

An alternative treatment that we offer is by way of a chemical peel that is applied to your skin and affected areas by our practice nurse.  This treatment works by peeling away the top layer of skin and the new skin that is created is healthier with less signs of acne


Who Is This Treatment For?

People who suffer mild-moderate acne or acne scarring in Brisbane would benefit from seeking treatment from Ubuntu Medical.  For those of you who have severe acne it is recommended that your consult your dermatologist in the first instance.


Want to know more?  Why not call our office on 3857 3777 to speak with our practice nurse about how you can make acne a thing of the past.


At Ubuntu Medical we also do dermal rolling and skin needling