Baby GP Brisbane Northside

During pregnancy, in preparation for your new baby (in Brisbane) it is essential to find a baby focused GP who you will be able to trust with your newborn’s medical care.

Having a baby may be one of the most exciting events in a couple’s life. Undeniably, babies bring joy to family life most especially to the parents. It is an opportunity to continue the bloodline and family legacy. However, having a baby also comes with a lot of responsibilities and tasks to execute. There are a lot of life alterations and compromises that parents must decide on once an offspring comes into their lives. Raising a child involves a lot of hardwork from the day the baby is born up until adulthood. As a popular saying goes, “Parenthood never stops.

To ensure that a baby will grow up into a healthy individual, it is important to think about the baby’s medical care as early as pregnancy. Babies are very delicate, especially in their early years. Making sure that baby care is accounted for at the onset would save the parents from worry when the baby needs it.


Which is Better, A Baby General Practitioner (GP) or a Paediatrician?

A baby GP is the first person to go to when the baby has a health problem while a paediatrician are medical practitioners who specialise in the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents from birth until age 18. Choosing the best health care for a child will also depend on the following factors:


  1. Cost

Visiting a paediatrician may be more costly compared to a baby GP since paediatric care is more specialised. Additionally, baby GPs rely on a standardised list of medicines and can limit the cure options for the child. The paediatrician’s prescription inventory, on one hand, are much more comprehensive and would be also appropriate for children.


  1. Health Condition

Routine child care such as vaccinations, regular check-ups, and common child illnesses like flu, ear infections, and stomach upsets can be done with a baby GP. They can effectively treat a baby’s sickness just like paediatricians. However, if baby’s condition is more severe and complicated illnesses such as chronic allergies or genetic disorders, then it would be better to visit a paediatrician. The paediatrician would then recommend a specialist for a more thorough child care.


  1. Time

Paediatric clinics are more crowded than a baby GP’s since attending to children is time-consuming and challenging, especially if a child is in his or her physically-active years. If it is a simple case of cold, it would be best to proceed to a baby GP rather than waiting for hours in the paediatrician’s clinic.


Whether parents choose a baby GP or a paediatrician, the most important consideration would be the doctor itself. Parents should consider whom their child feels comfortable with – someone who looks after the child’s emotional well-being as much as the physical health. More importantly, a doctor worthy of trust and a good track record would make a good ally for child care.


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