Tele Counselling Coronavirus Anxiety Psychologist Brisbane

We are all in a stressful situation right now and mixed in with anxieties over the coronavirus can be overwhelming for some people even when they are doing everything right and following the proper guidelines. That’s why we are here to help by offering our tele counselling service to help Brisbane residents cope with coronavirus anxieties, stress, and other related mental health issues.

Need To Talk With Someone About COVID-19

Our qualified and trained psychologists are ready to lend their expertise through tele counselling for the residents of Brisbane to cope with their coronavirus anxieties. Our psychologists in Brisbane are highly trained and experienced with tele counseling services through the use of appropriate technology including video chat, telephone calls, and through other online means that our clients are comfortable with.

Tele counselling services

Tele counselling services for the residents of Brisbane will be a huge help for their mental health, especially these times when venturing outside our homes can pose a true danger to our health and those of our loved ones.

Many people in Brisbane are taking precautionary measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus in different ways including being on self-quarantine, social distancing, and there is also plenty of those in self-isolation. It is important for the people in Brisbane to diligently and consistently follow the safety precautions put forth by public health authorities and medical professionals to lower the spread of the virus.

However, even when these safety precautions are being maintained, anxiety over coronavirus and contracting COVID-19 cannot be avoided, especially with alarming news are being broadcasted every day and the number of infected people throughout the world and Australia is also still increasing.

Making use of our tele counselling services is a huge help to take care of your anxieties over the virus and your overall mental health. This can be especially if you’re in isolation, in the frontlines combating this virus, have family or friends in high risk,  or simply overwhelmed by the change of lifestyle brought on by the pandemic.

People in Brisbane who are overwhelmed with anxiety, stress or don’t have direction as they face the pandemic can experience unusual behaviours like changes of sleeping patterns, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, or increase the use of substances which all can result in worse physical health and lowers the body’s resistance to other sicknesses. Our tele counselling services with the expertise of our psychologists are ready to help manage these mental health struggles.

Advantages of Talking to our COVID-19 Psychologists

Sometimes staying at home and the self coping methods we’ve taught ourselves may not be enough to lessen our anxieties, especially during these times when we’re facing an invisible force that has already caused damage to many of us in Australia. Our psychologists are ready to help the people of Brisbane using their expertise and extensive training.

Our psychologists can:

Give You A Safe Space

Your conversation with our psychologists through the phone or online will be entirely between the two of you only. During these sessions, you will be given the chance to share your feelings, worries, and concerns to someone unbiased, objective, and won’t judge you for having these concerns.

Our bulk billing psychologists are the person to go to if you need someone to confide in that you can fully trust and give back some useful advice that can help you alleviate your worries.

Help You Manage Your Anxieties

Anxiety is a good thing for many people. It helps the person recognize when there is danger and keeps them alert. In many ways, anxiety helps the person avoid harmful situations but anxiety can also be a burden when it is left unmanaged and out of control. Our psychologists’ main job is to help you cope with your anxiety and alleviate it to a manageable level.

We understand that during these times, it’s almost impossible not to be anxious, but through evidence-based techniques and treatments, our psychologists will help you with your anxiety to a point where you can live with it while still being productive and live life as normally as possible.

Give You A New Perspective

Sometimes, we can get stuck and ruminate over own thoughts and worse case scenarios. Sometimes our worries can be logical and realistic which can cause strong emotions in us. You can talk to our psychologists to get a different perspective on your worries that is both empathetic while also completely unbiased and objective.

Our mental health professionals will take go take on a healthier and more productive perspective on your situation and go through it with you step by step. They help you rewire your brain by helping you respond in situations in different ways through evidence-based techniques and strategies. This will greatly help you with your anxious feelings and fears.

Help You Realize that You’re Not Alone

Connecting with the previous point of giving our clients a different perspective. Many people during times of crisis often feel that they’re alone in what they’re going through. However, our psychologists can reassure our clients that what they’re facing today and the near future with this pandemic is also being faced with multiple in the community of Brisbane and around the world.

This can help take the weight off our client’s shoulders, especially those in isolation even with our hyper-connected society.

Give You Tools and Resources to Cope

Because of the age of technology how we decimate our information can be fast-paced and this overload of information can often cause the anxieties and fears that we are feeling over the coronavirus. The information that we’re consuming may also not be necessarily reliable and sometimes just plain out false.

Our psychologists will help direct you to credible and factual information centres about the pandemic if you need it to cope with your anxiety. Along with the proper information and resources, our psychologists will also teach and train you in different techniques, and coping skills to help manage your anxieties and emotional struggles because of the pandemic.

Through the method of tele counselling, our psychologists can provide the people of Brisbane therapy, counselling, or just someone to talk about their situation without needing to set foot outside their home. We feel that this is the best and safest way to help our clients with their mental health struggles without putting their safety and the safety of our staff at risk.


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