COVID-19 Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

Anxiety from Brisbane residents is steadily increasing over the spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease it brings, COVID-19. There are over 3,000 confirmed positive cases of people infected by the virus in Australia and over 500 of them came from Queensland according to recent data from the Australian Department of Health.

This is a cause for alarm for the people in Brisbane and some residents are finding it hard to cope with their anxieties and fear over contracting the virus. The virus is a serious threat to public health but it’s also inevitably taking a toll on our mental health as well. That is why we’re offering Brisbane residents COVID-19 anxiety counselling.

Our qualified and highly trained counselors and psychologists will help people of Brisbane cope with their anxiety and fears over the spread of the virus through teaching them skills, advice, and tips on how to properly deal with their anxiety.

Anxiety is a good thing for the human mind. It compels the person to be alert and ready for when there are real dangers and the coronavirus the disease it brings, COVID-19, is a true cause for concern. But sometimes, our anxieties can be overwhelming, especially when facing a rapidly spreading virus, and we may exhibit behaviours we wouldn’t normally do when we’re not experiencing such anxieties.

Our flight or fight response may go onto overdrive during a pandemic especially because the danger that we’re facing is practically invisible. We may cope with our anxieties through, unfortunately, counterproductive behaviours that in the grand scheme of things may cause more harm than good with combating the virus.These behaviours can include hoarding of essential items that more people might need, panic buying, consuming every media outlet about the virus even the unreliable ones, and even discrimination and stigma towards people with Asian backgrounds or people from particularly hard-hit countries like Italy.

On the other hand, there are also some people coping with the spread of the virus through means of denial or exhibiting not enough alarm and refuting to take enough precautions to protect themselves from getting infected with the virus. This can also influence other people to follow in their footsteps.

With the help of our highly skilled counselors and psychologists, people of Brisbane can learn healthy ways to cope with the anxieties they are facing trying to protect themselves from the virus. We can bring our mental health services directly to the people in need of our counselling through different means including telecounselling methods like video chats and telephone calls.

With the protection measures in place to combat the virus and recommendations from the Australian Government and the Department of Health, face to face counselling may not be an option but through the help of technology and telecommunications, residents of Brisbane facing anxieties can avail the help of mental health services.

Our COVID-19 anxiety counselling is beneficial for those people in Brisbane who find themselves having a difficult time living life as normal as possible during their time in quarantine, people with preexisting mental health struggles, and especially for people in isolation and people in the frontlines with essential jobs or directly combating the virus who needs extra mental health support and care.

The novel coronavirus has already infected over 500,000 people around the world with over 25 thousand deaths. This number is will most likely change within the next few months but new positive cases for COVID-19 and the number of deaths caused by this disease are still rising. This is causing health care workers all over the world to be overwhelmed and hospitals reach maximum capacity.

These are alarming scenarios and numbers. In Australia, there are reportedly 13 individuals who tragically died from the disease. But there is some good news to be found through all the bad. In Australia, there are reportedly 134 individuals who recovered from the virus and all over the world, there are over 130,000 people who have recovered after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

People won’t die if ever they get infected with the virus, statistically. But it’s better safe than sorry so it’s important to follow the health guidelines put forth by the government and health agencies to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes frequent washing of our hands, staying at home if you are sick, keep away from large crowds and practice social distancing if you are outside, and minimise the touching of your face.

By following these health guidelines, you lessen the risk of getting infected yourself and spreading the virus to others. It can be dangerous to others if we avoid doing these precaution measures, especially for high-risk people with a compromised immune system, people with a preexisting health problem such as diabetes or asthma, and the elderly.  Of course, even if we still take all these precautionary measures to protect ourselves, sometimes our anxiety just won’t disappear and would often get a hold of us and take control. That’s why it’s important during times public health emergencies like this, counselling is still an important activity to seek out.

Our mental health is directly connected to our physical health. When we get overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, we often lose appetite, lack energy, lose sleep, and overall just don’t feel good. This can weaken our immune system and makes us even more susceptible to catching the virus.

With COVID-19 anxiety counselling in Brisbane, our professional counselors and psychologists will help our clients feel less alone with their problems by allowing them to share their worries and allow them to see a different perspective on the issue. Sometimes to address incessant worrying can just be a matter of looking at things differently.

Our overall goal with this mental health service is to help the residents of Brisbane find it easier to cope during this pandemic. We are ready to give our counselling services by any means comfortable for the client, give them resources, and bring benefits to their mental health through our counselling.


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