Food Allergy Testing Brisbane


In Brisbane, there are many people looking for food allergy testing after having a reaction to a certain food group (e.g., peanuts, seafood etc).


What Is A Food Allergy?

You have a food allergy because your body has had an immune reaction to the consumption of a certain food.  For example, if you consume seafood/ prawns some people’s skin begins to puff up (e.g., underneath the eyes).  It is often measured by assessing the number of antibodies in certain foods.  It is important to be aware that it is different to a food intolerance, where the body has a physiological reaction to the food.  For example, some people are lactose intolerant, where the body is unable to break down the sugars in dairy products and develop a feeling of lethargy as a result.  Food allergies are identified through elimination diets and blood testing.


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Testing for Food Allergies

There are 2 types of food allergies, fast onset, and slow onset.  This basically means how long do the symptoms occur after consuming the food?  To test allergies properly a blood test is usually required.  Please stay away from in-store allergy testing in health food stores as they are not accurate.  The 96 Food IgG test is the most common to test for Food Allergies.  It is also recommended that you speak with your GP about anaphylactic allergies which are life-threatening if not treated or managed correctly.   They are usually related to the consumption of peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish products.

Please note that these tests are not covered under Medicare and will need to be paid for privately.


Food Allergies And Other Diseases


Having untreated food allergies have been found to be linked to some of the following conditions


  • Irritable Bowell Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis


Therefore it is very important to address any untreated food allergies as soon as possible.

Food Elimination

This can be an important initial step.  Speak with your GP/ Naturopath/ Dietitian to review your symptoms before going on a food elimination diet.  Trained medical professionals are likely to give you an informed opinion about what foods are probably causing your symptoms.  While on the food elimination diet, you will generally be seeing your health practitioner every couple of weeks to monitor symptoms.

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** Please Note We Do Not Provide Skin Prick Testing For Food Allergies


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