Medical Acupuncture Brisbane Northside

In Brisbane today, patients are increasingly turning to their local GP for alternative medical treatments.  One treatment that is gaining significant scientific efficacy is medical acupuncture, where treatments last for between 20-30 minutes.

What is Medical Acupuncture?

Medical acupuncture is a technique used to describe inserting of needles into identified parts of the body to promote healing and relief. This procedure is administered by licensed acupuncturists who are also licensed, physicians. Apart from the massage therapy and herbal medicine, acupuncture is given to individuals who decide to take on TCM treatments. from pain. The concept of medical acupuncture originated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where the healing of mind, body, and spirit are done.

During the procedure, the nerves and muscles under the skin will be inserted with a needle. As a result, the body produces pain-relieving endorphins.


What are the Types of Medical Acupuncture?

Below are some acupuncture techniques that can be taken on by patients and can also be used as standalone treatments such as:

  • Laser Acupuncture. This very well suits individuals who put a stop to acupuncture treatment because of fear of needles. Through the technology brought about by laser acupuncture, it is possible to achieve the same effect of the treatment minus the needles. This treatment is ideal for children and for individuals who have a sensitive sense of touch.
  • This type of acupuncture treatment uses low-voltage electrical stimulation by attaching needles to an electroacupuncture apparatus. The equipment transports low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate brain chemicals. Electroacupuncture is most advantageous to patients who want to lessen body pains and improve their sleeping patterns.
  • In this treatment, the practitioner’s hands are placed on the pressure points to relieve muscle tightness. The pressure put into the trigger points depends on the severity of the condition and requires trained and sensitive hands from the practitioner. This procedure is best for weak patients, patients with needle phobia, and children.


What Happens During the Session?

The medical practitioner will be inquiring about the symptoms experienced, medical history, and lifestyle. Physical examination will also be given prior to starting the acupuncture treatment. The doctor will be selecting specific points to place the needles based on the case. The needles will be inserted under the skin although in some cases, the needles are inserted a little deeper to reach the muscle tissue. The session can last for a few minutes to half an hour. Around 12 trigger points will be picked selected depending on the symptoms experienced. The case will be then assessed and treatment the succeeding treatment will be tailored depending on the symptoms.


How can Acupuncture Help?

Guidelines for medical acupuncture have been established as a treatment or care for chronic tension-type headaches and migraines. Additionally, there are also other conditions that are alleviated by acupuncture such as chronic pain, joint pain, dental pain, and postoperative pain.

The medical acupuncture can be used as a treatment on its own or as a complementary treatment such as physiotherapy and palliative care. Using medical acupuncture in these two procedures has been beneficial in managing pain, symptoms, and stress among patients.


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