Meditation Course Brisbane Northside

With the hurried pace of life these days, there is a high chance of feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. Some individuals seek meditation to help them manage the stress, anxiety, and tension that lead to physical pain and illnesses. In fact, a lot of illnesses these days are caused by the imbalance of the physical and mental aspects of our body. Meditation is a method which can support our search for inner peace and manage the physical and emotional pain people are experiencing.

To assist Brisbane residents in bringing back the balance in their life, meditation classes will be organised by Ubuntu Medical. The classes will provide simple meditation techniques such as mindfulness, concentration, and moving meditation. These techniques focus on re-evaluating thoughts and its patterns, as well as transforming them into something positive and purposeful.

Our minds are difficult to control and works similarly as a balloon in the wind that is blown in several directions by external factors. Our minds are often influenced by the situation at hand. The fluctuations in our emotions can influence our emotional well-being and ability to cope. By training our minds through meditation, we can control our mind regardless of external factors that come our way. Meditation develops a balanced mind – a mind that is satisfied and happy at times and prevents it from experiencing emotional extremes.


Practicing Meditation

Practicing meditation opens individuals to have an improved quality of life by observing thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. The experience of meditating also increases self-awareness through self-observation. In this way, you can respond appropriately to situations through proper judgment. Meditation also allows individuals to evaluate personal changes from similar past and present experiences, veer away from habitual patterns that limit one’s learning from life, and create a safe space for new mental habits.

Apart from keeping the mental health in check, meditation also has benefits on the body’s physical aspect such as lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, lower heart rate, improved respiratory rate, and lower cortisol levels.

If we practice meditation, we would be able to discard the negativity in our mind that is the root of our problems and suffering. Our life in this world is short and we might as well fill our days with happiness, peace, and contentment.

For inquiries regarding the meditation classes, you may call Mark Korduba at 07 3857 3777 or e-mail [email protected]. You may also visit the Ubuntu Medical Facebook page ( for more details on the fees and schedule of classes.


At Ubuntu Medical, we also conduct Women’s Groups