Men’s Group Brisbane Northside

Being a man in the modern-day society could be a lot.  As a result, we have created a men’s group for men on Brisbane’s northside.  There is the expectation to find a mate, to be able to provide, to be successful, or to be at the top of their game at all times while having to keep personal issues hidden and deal with stress, anxiety, and depression in silence.

There is a safe space to talk about these mental health issues. The Ubuntu Medical Centre in Stafford, Brisbane is holding a series of men’s group sessions from Wednesday August 29 from 7 to 9 PM. The meet up is open to males aged 25 to 55, where they can talk more than just about beer and sports but help them deal with real-life situations, get more out of life, and connect with dudes on the same mission to becoming better versions of themselves.


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Facilitated By Mark Korduba (Psychologist)

Surely this could look like just any other meet up but what is in it for them really? This event will be facilitated by psychologist Mark Korduba who specialises in cognitive behavioral therapy and men’s mental health. Activities have been designed to make the participants’ time worthwhile and equip them with the right tools to handle stress, anxiety, and depression, among many others.


Why Attend?

  • The men’s group will cover topics such as work-life balance; being a better husband (the 2 or 3 things that really matter); practical tips for managing stress/anxiety; and honest conversations about sadness/vulnerability and depression.
  • The session also offers to also help how to communicate effectively that guys can bring to their profession, family, personal life, and the community they belong.
  • One benefit of attending a men’s assembly is mateship. While everyone can bring to the table what they like –cars, sports, hobbies, among others –the value in mateship lies in a core group that meets every two weeks that eventually becomes a community that does not judge, creating a safe space to share and listen. It is an honest group that offers support, will see through the garbage, and hold one accountable to walk the talk.
  • Being able to develop a strong bond with fellow men is something that every guy could benefit from, as one navigates through life and function in a society and its unrealistic expectations. No one should feel alone thinking he could do it all by himself. That is not how it works. Men could get all the help they need to deal with life and their mental health issues and there is no shame in that.


Make sure to register now as slots are limited to 15 participants. Follow the Ubuntu Medical Facebook page for more details.


At Ubuntu Medical we also have Mother’s Group.