Molescan Brisbane Northside

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Molescan services are located at Ubuntu Medical on Brisbane’s Northside in the heart of the busy suburb of Stafford.  Living in sunny Brisbane, Queensland Skin Cancer care is of utmost importance.  Our Skin Cancer Specialist GP provides a range of services; risk assessments, testing and treatments.

Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world.  Brisbane is the epicenter with 1 in 19 residents affected.  The sun causes most skin cancer in this part of the world.  Exposure to ultraviolet light in sunlight compromises our immune system.  People who have suffered form sunburn on and off over a period of years are more likely to lead to Melanoma and long term, chronic exposure to the non-pigmented cancers which are Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas.

Ubuntu Medical offers are very high level of service.  We monitor most of your body including the top of your head and the soles of your feet.  These are 2 areas of the body that can develop deadly carcinomas.  Base line images are taken for future comparison.




Melanoma is the most common cause of cancer deaths for people under the age of 40 in Brisbane.  It is essential to have yearly skin cancer skin ups form your mid-20s.  We also help to fight against Basal Cell Carcinomas and other Malignant Melanomas.

Ubuntu Medical uses the latest equipment to ensure that skin conditions are professionally assessed and treated by our specialist skin cancer doctor.  Ubuntu Medical established their skin cancer clinic in 2017 after investing in modern Mole Scan technology in order to fight the epidemic of Skin Cancer in Queensland.

All treatments and mole removals are carried out at Ubuntu Medical in our modern treatment room.  You can rest assure that we only remove moles when it is absolutely necessary.

Our recently renovated medical practice ensures that our practice nurse and doctors provide you with the best care possible in safe and secure surroundings.


At Ubuntu Medical, we also specialise in Mole Removal.