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With the growing concern over the highly contagious coronavirus COVID-19 now classified as a pandemic, Australian citizens and the Australian government are vigilant in taking measures to lessen the spread of this virus. Public health authorities are working in the front lines containing the coronavirus in Brisbane since there already has been 11 confirmed positive cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Queensland at the start of March alone.

People in Brisbane are heavily advised to reconsider and limit their travel time outside the city and especially overseas. As of now, further studies and tests are still in progress to find out all we can about the coronavirus and, unfortunately, there is still no known cure for those infected with the COVID-19 and there’s also no vaccines in development that are close to completion. Plus, the virus’s pathology is still not fully known.

Worldwide, the coronavirus’s death toll has already surpassed 3,000 individuals and with over 90,000 infected. Many countries around the world have taken measures to lessen the spread of the virus including community quarantines and city lockdowns. On a lighter note, the mortality rate for the COVID- 19 is falling over time with our updated knowledge of how to combat it and there are reports of increasing numbers of patients recovering from the virus.

People all around the world including Brisbane are highly encouraged to practice good hygiene including frequent and proper handwashing, keeping a safe distance of at least 1 meter from other people, refrain from touching the face, especially when out and about, and limit the time venturing outside the home. All of these steps will help prevent a person from contracting the virus.

With all the information online about the coronavirus, false information is sure to get through and sometimes overshadow credible sources. Despite all the steps and measures that the World Health Organisation and the Australian government are making, people can’t help but become overly worried about this current pandemic.

People all over the world are exhibiting anxious behaviours in the form of panic buying, readily believing alarming articles, being hyper-vigilant, hoarding, and sometimes being racist towards people of Asian descent or people from countries with the highest numbers of COVID-19 positive cases such as Italy. At this point, the coronavirus isn’t just a threat to our physical health, it’s taking a toll on our mental health as well.

To combat these mental health burdens that the recent pandemic are bringing onto our lives, we are offering our professional services through the form of online counselling via the telephone here in Brisbane. We have qualified telehealth psychologists in Brisbane equipped to do counselling on worries about the coronavirus and give them the necessary tools and advice to manage the effects on our mental health the coronavirus has brought.

What is telehealth counselling or telecounselling do you ask?

For those who don’t know Telehealth services are basically online counselling or online therapy. This is a revolutionary and innovative way for people to get counselling and/or therapy at the comfort of their own homes brought on by the age of the internet.

There are many advantages for the patient if they want to partake in telecounselling sessions with a qualified telehealth psychologist.

Again, they can do it at the comfort of their own home as long as they have an internet connection or telephone connection, they won’t need to spend valuable resources on transportation, especially if they have a disability that would make travel a difficulty, and if the patient is in a rural area, they won’t have to travel for hours and will receive the consistent counselling or therapy that they need.

Especially now with the pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus being highly contagious from one person to another, telehealth services or telecounselling is a safe and convenient method of administering coronavirus online counselling in Brisbane to individuals with significant worries about the virus and their health. People availing our telehealth services won’t have to venture outside their homes and increase the risk of getting infected by the virus.

It’s only natural to have worries about the coronavirus and the effects it can cause to the body, especially for the elderly. But it can also come to a point where people can become panicked and reactionary in the face of the harm the COVID-19 can bring.

Our telehealth services will help our clients ease their worries and anxiety about the virus by giving them perspective and verified information to lessen their cause for alarm and panic. People of Brisbane experiencing panic or anxiety over the coronavirus will truly benefit from our telehealth services with the help of our qualified and experienced telehealth psychologists.

Our telehealth psychologists will provide our patients with valid online resources, methods, and coping mechanisms to fight off their anxieties about the coronavirus while also giving them advice and tips to better protect themselves from the virus and to lessen their risk of being infected by the COVID-19. We also offer our telehealth services to people in Brisbane who are in self-quarantine because they suspect that they’re infected with the virus or have been in contact with someone positive with the COVID-19. Of course, it’s important to contact public health authorities if this is the case and follow all the instructions that they give.

Individuals in these situations are usually required to go on a self-quarantine for 14 days without any contact with other people. Which is why they are also most in need of therapy or counselling relating to their fears with their condition, suspected or otherwise.

Our offered coronavirus online counselling in Brisbane are the best way to administer the telehealth services to patients while avoiding human contact and potentially contaminating others in the process. As long as our patients have access to the internet or the telephone, we can give our telehealth services administered by our experienced telehealth psychologists.

For most people, being infected with the coronavirus won’t result in death, and it’s only a matter of properly protecting yourself physically through proper hygiene and healthy habits, and mentally through gaining the right perspective and developing coping mechanisms that you can successfully avoid the virus while also living life as normally as possible.


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