Orthomolecular Doctors Brisbane Northside

With the increasing need to address mental health concerns in Brisbane, orthomolecular doctors are becoming popular. Coined by Dr. Linus Pauling, orthomolecular therapy is a treatment that addresses the five mental health biotypes namely undermethylation, overmethylation, pyrroles, copper toxicity, and heavy metal toxicity.

Orthomolecular means “correct molecules”. This treatment aims to correct the body’s substances needed by the human body for proper functioning like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids. At the present, orthomolecular medicine has been incorporated as a supplementary treatment.


What Happens in an Orthomolecular Therapy?

The five mental health biotypes represent specific symptoms and have corresponding treatment. To determine which biotype needs attention and what appropriate treatment should be given, patients will be required to submit blood, saliva, and urine samples for testing. The results are interpreted to determine suitable treatment for the patient’s condition.

Depending on the condition, the treatment may take a few months to an entire year. Patients who are given treatments for this therapy may still continue their existing medications or reduce them, depending on how their body responds. It is always best to still consult with their primary doctors for a better treatment plan.

How Do the Essential Body Substances Play a Role in Orthomolecular Therapy?

Orthomolecular medicine takes into account the required micronutrients the body needs, depending on the illness of an individual. For example, a patient has an osteoarthritis, he or she may be given specific combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids. The dosage and combinations will vary depending on the medical condition of the patient.


What Can Be Done to Sustain the Outcomes of the Therapy?

Undergoing an orthomolecular therapy may require several individuals from different specializations to team up for the treatment’s best results. Usually, a qualified mental health practitioner, an orthomolecular health practitioner, and a counselor would work with the patient to ensure the success of the program. These professionals will guide the patient to ensure adequate nutrition and mental health recovery.

  • Patients undergoing this treatment would also be required to go through the following
  • Change in diet and lifestyle.
  • Physical and emotional detoxification (hypnosis)
  • Repopulating program (addresses gastrointestinal track)
  • Strengthening of the immune system, adrenaline and endocrinal glands
  • Psychotherapy


It takes a minimum of ten sessions to see improvements in the physical and emotional well-being of the patient.

Orthomolecular therapy is a breakthrough in the field of medicine and can compete with Vitamin C therapies for the immune system. There have also been research claims that the micronutrients have several uses in terms of health and can play an active role in making sure that both the physical and mental health are well-nourished.


At Ubuntu Medical, we also do Functional Pathology Testing.