Physio Brisbane Northside

Why Have Brisbane North Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists, as primary health practitioners, don’t require a referral from a doctor to be able to see. A patient can self-refer, and when attending a physiotherapy consultation can receive a diagnosis. Patients who have suffered from any number of musculoskeletal health complaints, or suffered an orthopedic type injury from work or otherwise can receive a program tailored to assist in rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is important after an injury or a prolonged period of suffering from a particular type of unresolved muscular pain.

The Brisbane north physiotherapist can refer a patient for various diagnostic tests, including imaging and pathology tests in order to help determine what an underlying medical complaint may be. A physiotherapist can work on a multidisciplinary team, such as a nurse practitioner who can prescribe painkillers, and an exercise physiologist, so that a program can be designed to assist the patient in returning to optimal quality of life.

Physiotherapists and Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is used by physiotherapists in order to reduce an area of dysfunction in the body, by integrating as much of the nervous system and muscles as possible. If an area has been injured in the body, rather than focusing solely on the area of injury, functional rehabilitation is designed to return an injured body part to full functioning capacity by designing a program that maximises opportunity for large sets of muscles to be utilised.

How Physiotherapists Work

Physiotherapists work by diagnosing a particular health complaint, and then by designing a program of therapeutic interventions which may involve massage, stretches, exercise programs and lifestyle modifications in order to improve bodily functioning. Physiotherapists help Brisbane patients learn to walk again, to eat again, to perform certain functions after incidents like strokes, or help with post-surgical recovery.

Physiotherapists also help with continence issues, by prescribing certain treatments, or recommending lifestyle aids. Pain management can also be issued by a physiotherapist who can use ultrasound treatment, heat and ice treatment, massage, stretches and exercise in order to heal muscles and aid in injury recovery.

Physiotherapy and Chronic Health Conditions

People who have ongoing health concerns such as arthritis, spinal injuries, nervous system disorders (Parkinsonism), cerebral palsy, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, paraplegia, obesity and other types of issues such as diabetes can see a physiotherapist who can assist in developing an exercise program. Exercise programs that are tailored to a specific health complaint can help if not resolve a particular issue, then create vast improvements in quality of life for a patient.

Group exercise therapy, hydrotherapy and individual exercise programs can be participated in by patients, and these programs can also assist in promoting health and wellness in people with mental health conditions.

If you would like to have any particular type of chronic health complaint assisted by implementing a healthier lifestyle, or have had an injury and would like to recover fully, or have a chronic health condition but would like to receive a safely tailored exercise program that will improve your quality of life, make an appointment to have a consultation with one of our physiotherapists Brisbane northside at Ubuntu Medical Centre.

We also offer Naturopathy.