Playgroup Brisbane Northside (1-3 years old)

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Playgroups in Brisbane are an excellent way to practice socialisation skills of children and are a venue for them to make new friends, try various activities that foster learning, and progress on different developmental areas. These gatherings also allow parents and grandparents to share parenting experiences to better support the developmental milestones of the children in the community.

Regardless of where you reside in Brisbane, there are playgroups that would best match your needs. These groups accept families coming from diverse backgrounds, discounting the factors of culture and socioeconomic status. The playgroups are usually attended by children and adults, specifically parents, grandparents, and carers. They provide a stimulating environment for adults to convene for knowledge-sharing about the childrearing and community-related activities. As for children, playgroups are usually a starting point to upskill them prior to going to school.


Family Support Systems

Little did we know, playgroups perform an important part in a family’s support system. While some merely see it as a gathering of sorts, it is a perfect opportunity to develop friendships and expand their network. Parenting tips and early childhood care are also frequent discussions by parents and grandparents alike to better raise the children. In this way, parents and grandparents gain new skills out of the discussions, talk over concerns and life changes when the baby arrived, and engage in other activities apart from the monotonous household activities.

Children, like adults, also benefit from this gathering. They become more socially mature by learning how to interact with grown-ups, develop self-discipline by learning how to take turns, reinforce their motor skills through play, and advance their intellectual capacity through age-appropriate activities.

There are three different types of playgroups that your kids and your family members can join – community playgroups, supported playgroups, and intensive support playgroups. All these groups function as a support system for children and their families. However, supported playgroups and intensive support playgroups require third party intervention such as a facilitator or a social worker since the approach required for these groups vary in degree and complexity of the support needed. The qualified staff selected to support a playgroup also conducts home visits, phone calls, or online communication to ensure the sustainability of the program.


Want To Know More?

If you reside in Brisbane and are interested in joining a playgroup, Ubuntu Medical is organizing a playgroup, specifically for children ages 1 to 3 years. For inquiries on the playgroups, you may e-mail [email protected] or call Leiza Dunlop at 07 3857 3777. Available schedules and fees will be likewise posted on the Ubuntu Medical Facebook page.

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