Psychologist Brisbane Northside

We often seek the help of a mental health professional when encountering difficulties in addressing life issues. Through them, we are able to cope more effectively and have a better quality of life. Fortunately for Brisbane northside residents, Ubuntu Medical provides accessibility to practising psychologists in case they would like to undergo psychological evaluations, assessments, or psychotherapy.

Psychologists have professional training and clinical skills to support their clients’ needs. They are required to complete their graduate studies and should have undergone supervised training. With their training experiences, they can apply a variety of techniques and consider the clients’ personhood in coming up with the best plan of action for their mental health condition.

The Work of a Psychologist

Psychologists may have a wide array of cases they can handle. These can vary from clients who are depressed, angry, or anxious for an extended period of time. They may also encounter individuals who have challenges managing their mental health, to the point that it interferes with their day-to-day living. There are also those who need assistance in managing short-term problems, such as coping to a new job, grieving over a loss of a loved one, managing stressful situations, or overcoming addiction.

In order to assess an individual properly, psychologists can administer psychological tests and assessments and interpret the results of these. The interpretation of results can give the psychologists an understanding of how their clients think, feel, and behave. This can also help them narrow down their assessment and diagnose their patients’ condition properly. Additionally, they can also have an idea of their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, work preference, and personality traits.

Treatments Provided by Psychologists

Psychologists use a combination of treatments, depending on what suits their patient. Their approach is not necessarily one-size-fits-all as their clients come from different backgrounds and have varying life experiences.

The most common therapy employed by psychologists is psychotherapy, where the patient can talk about themselves, based on the questions asked to them. Apart from this, there are also other therapies such as cognitive, cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal, humanistic, psychodynamic, or a combination of these. Therapies can be done with the patient alone, with his or her life partner, or with the family members. There are also psychologists who are trained to use hypnosis as one of the methods for addressing pain, anxiety, or mood disorders.

Training of Psychologists

A doctoral degree in psychology is required after completing undergraduate and master’s degree courses. A psychologist-in-training also gets educated on ethics, statistics, personality, biology, and cognitive-affective aspects. They also get trained in psychological assessments and therapies. While studying, they can also take part in research and teaching work. They are also required to undergo internship prior to taking a licensure examination.

Once they have gained a license to practice, they should keep up with the trends in the psychology field by taking continuing education. Psychologists are also capable of giving prescription but only after gaining an advanced training after licensure.

Where Psychologists Work

Psychologists usually do private practice and can work with other psychologists or healthcare providers. They can be found in schools and universities, hospitals, prisons, and community centres. At some instances, they are also found in the industry to support the corporate workers.

Psychologists also practice out of medical centres, such as is the case with Ubuntu Medical Stafford. To book an appointment with one of our psychologists, call us today on (07) 3857 3777.


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