Skin Cancer Check Brisbane Northside

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Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world.  Brisbane is the epicentre with 1 in 19 residents affected.  Every year in Australia around 1200 people died from preventable skin cancer and melanoma.  Over 95% of all skin cancers are preventable and treatable if caught earlier enough.

At Ubuntu Medical, we encourage everyone to have an annual skin cancer check, especially if you are at risk (see text below).  It take 20 minutes and is covered by Medicare.  It is also important to check your skin once per month to notice any skin problems.  Here is how to perform a check on your skin.  The ABCDE of melanoma detection is a useful guide.

  • Asymmetry.  If  you draw a line through a mole and the two halves do not match (meaning asymmetrical) this is a warming sign of melanoma.
  • Border.  The borders of an early melanoma tend to be uneven as opposed to smooth border.
  • Colour.  A mole that has a variety of colours is a warming sign.  This includes different shades of brown, tan, black, red, white and blue.
  • Diameter.  Melanomas usually have a larger diameter (as a rough guide 6mm) however if detected early they can be smaller.
  • Evolving.  If a mole starts to evolve or change in any way, like shape, colour, itch or bleed, this could be a warning sign and you should see your GP.

What’s Your Level of Risk?

You should really be consulting your Skin Cancer Specialist GP if have:

  • Family history of skin cancer
  • Been sunburnt in the past
  • Have some spots they are worried about
  • Have a spot that is hard to see
  • A change in the size/ shape/ colour of a mole
  • Oozing/ bleeding from a mole
  • A mole that is itchy/ hard/ swollen/ tender to touch
  • A new Mole


What’s your risk level?

  • Do you have fair skin?
  • DO you have a large number of moles?
  • Do you work outdoors?
  • Do you spend weekends or holidays in the sun?
  • Have ever used solariums, sunlamps or sun beds?
  • Is there a previous history of skin cancer in your family?
  • As a child, did you spend a lot of time in the sun?


At Ubuntu Medical, we also provide Molescans