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Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world and is the epicenter with 1 in 19 residents affected.  Every year in Australia around 1200 people died from preventable skin cancer and melanoma.  Over 95% of all skin cancers are preventable and treatable if caught earlier enough.

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Ways To Avoid Skin Cancer


  • Examine your skin every month
  • See your GP for a skin exam every year
  • Avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm
  • Cover up with clothing including a hat and UV blocking sunglasses
  • Never use tanning beds
  • Apply sunscreen 30 mins before sun exposure
  • Keep newborn babies out of sun

Skin Cancer Diagnosis

At Ubuntu Medical our highly qualified team of doctors have post graduate qualifications in skin cancer medicine and a wealth of knowledge and expertise of how best to treat skin cancer.

Of course screening the body for melanoma can potentially lead to an early diagnosis, thinner tumours and less chance of death from cancer.  If you have been treated for skin cancer in the past it is recommended to have your skin checked by your GP every year.  Appointment times usually last 20 minutes and are covered by Medicare.

Cancer screening is done at our clinic and is routine and quick procedure.  We perform whole body examinations at our skin cancer clinic and check for early signs of skin cancers.


Skin Cancer Surgery

If we detect any signs of skin cancer or melanoma, we will perform a biopsy and get a pathology result within 2-3 days.  There is also the option of examining regions under a microscope

No referrals are necessary just an appointment to see the bulk billing GP at our clinic/surgery.  If a cancer lesion needs to excised, you will need to book a longer appointment.  If there are sutures to be removed, we will do this a week or two after your excision.

Bulk Billing

Bulk billing is available for all of our services including our Skin cancer clinic.  Please note that we are a mixed billing practice and offer bulk billing services to students and pensions with a valid government benefits card.  We provide a complete surgical service in our medical centre. If you notice some kind of abnormality in a mole or lesion please contact your local GP as as soon as possible.


Book In Your Skin Check TODAY… Call Us Now On (07) 3857 3777


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