Women’s Group Brisbane Northside

Being a woman in this modern-day world can pose great demands.  At Ubuntu Medical, we have started women’s groups for women in Brisbane (Northside).   Apart from women’s challenges in working their way up in their career, they also have a second shift in the household which is an unpaid employment. Sarah Blithe, the author of Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance, reveals that women spend 41 hours of childrearing and household work per week compared to men who only spend 21 hours. This causes women to experience difficulties in their emotional well-being.

For Brisbane women to manage the expectations of the society from them, Ubuntu Medical is organising a Women’s Group. This is a gathering for women who are interested in developing their self-confidence, increasing their self-awareness, improving their health condition by strengthening the mind and spirit, balancing their emotional state and form healthy relationships, forming visions and goals for the future, and managing life changes and transitions.

The Women’s Group will be held every first Saturday of the month from 1:45 PM to 4:30 PM starting September 1, 2018. The sessions will be run by Rhonda Ohlson, a multi-skilled therapist, and trainer. Rhonda has a 30 years collective experience as a massage therapist, Feldenkrais assistant trainer, life coach, voice therapist, body psychotherapist, and singer. Her positive energy is contagious and can help attendees empower themselves and take charge of their lives.

The cost of the gathering per session is $20.00 and will take place at Ubuntu Medical Centre. For inquiries about the session, Rhonda can be reached at 0439 352 521. You may also follow the following events page for updates.



Event Details


Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/events/455874154926028/

Meet Up: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/meetup-group-rpRfAUjs/events/stwcdqyxmbcb/


Attending this event can help women not only in their personal and professional development but also in the society. Empowered women can aid in the economic growth immensely through their participation in the labor force and pursuance of higher levels of education. On the social and political aspect, having empowered women in the society lowers the chances of domestic violence because of their awareness of women’s rights. Women also become more involved in driving them and improve their position in the society.

This women’s group gathering is a great opportunity for women to have a social interaction, network with people of similar interests, and learn from one another’s experiences. Having to deal with the expectations put on women’s shoulders can be considered an ordeal but the opportunity to engage in a discourse with like-minded people can possibly turn these challenges into opportunities.


At Ubuntu Medical, We also do Men’s Groups