WorkCover Doctors Brisbane Northside

Unfortunately, an increasing number of employees are being injured at work in Brisbane, requiring a visit to their local doctor for a WorkCover certificate.

WorkCover is a vital support following a workplace injury for workers to ensure that they can get back on their feet and return to work with minimal concerns. An employee who acquired a work-related illness or injury is encouraged to choose his or her own doctor, who is usually their general practitioner or family doctor. The chosen doctor’s assessment plays a huge role in providing medical care and managing the rehabilitation of involved workers.

What Do WorkCover Doctors Do?

The compensation of injured workers is based on the assessment by the GP. They identify when payments can be claimed or not and determine the physical readiness of the injured worker to return to work. On some occasions, they can also recommend if the affected worker can continue with his or her previous role or take on a new role. This interaction is vital to avoid long-term disability and provide the worker a satisfactory quality of life.

What Is A WorkCover Doctor’s Responsibilities?

A Brisbane WorkCover doctor has two main responsibilities – medical management and communication with the worker’s employer. Performing the tasks that encompass these responsibilities takes a great deal of effort for the GP. They not only provide medical support but also serve as the voice for the injured worker to his or her employer.


Medical Management

The patient’s doctor will issue psychological and physical assessments, which could also determine potential risk factors for the worker. These will also serve as an assistant to the patient for a future compensation. Recommendations for rehabilitation services can also be given if deemed necessary. The WorkCover doctor should assess the treatment facilitated and determine its effectiveness to ensure timely progression on the worker-patient.

A WorkCover doctor is also responsible for issuing a medical certificate detailing the diagnosis, treatment plan, and risk factors that can potentially affect recovery of the patient. The capacity of the patient to work should also be indicated on the certificate by specifying the hours and days that can be rendered post-hospitalisation.

Communication With The Worker’s Employer

A WorkCover doctor can set expectations with the employer to support the recovery and work left behind by the worker. These include discussing the following: suitable work options, nature of work, working hours, and workplace ergonomics. Once these have taken place, the worker-patient can be informed of the discussion with the employer. Additionally, the WorkCover doctor will also brief the patient on how the activities they can do while recovering and discuss support provisions that can be provided to them once they return to work.
Some employers have company doctors who can do medical assessments on injured workers. However, you may prefer to see an independent doctor who can advocate strongly on your behalf as you recover from a work-related illness or injury, and assist you to get back to work as soon as possible and safely – like one of our doctors at Ubuntu Medical. Same-day appointments are often available. Call 3857 377.


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